Carpet Repair

    Old, Permanent stains? Burns? No problem! We can fix that!


  In the home or office sometimes accidents happen. Especially if you have kids or pets. Most of the time our carpet cleaning services can remove the stains, but on some occasions no matter how hard you try, the stains will not come out. In these circumstances we are still able to restore your carpets to “like new” status with bonded inserts (patches). This method is ideal for cigerette or fireplace burns, older set-in stains, or unresolvable stains such as mustard or bleach spots. We can also replace sections of padding that have become moldy or mildewed due to spills or pet accidents.

Has your carpet become wavy? We can fix that too!

   Impropper installation can lead to a ripple effect in your carpet that will cause uneven wear. We can sestretch your carpet and save years of use. We can also solve issues such as carpet pulling away from thresholds or walls.