Commercial Cleaning

                            FAST, HEALTHY & SECURE!

Offices & Stores

Houses of Worship

Restaurants & Banquet Halls

We at ProDry know what commercial customers want most. this is why we offer a variety of high quality cleaning services.

Fast. Downtime is costly. Your team and your customers do not want to be walking on wet floors and they especially do not want to be sitting on wet chairs. ProDry Technicians exclusively use Von Schrader Low Moisture Foam Extraction technology to assure the deepest clean and the fastest drying time. 

Healthier. Clean workplaces are healthier workplaces. Cleaning your carpets, upholstery, tile & grout and partition walls removes many of the sources of illness in your environment. However, Bacteria, mold, & viruses thrive in wet carpet under pad and upholstery foam. Our Von Schrader technology uses dry foam which is immediately extracted after agitation. ProDry clients not only have a visibly cleaner environment, they have a healthier environment too. 

Secure. All of our equipment is fully self-contained. We never have to run hoses out to a truck. That means your facility is completely secure while ProDry Technicians are cleaning your carpet, upholstery, tile & grout. 

Clean flooring and upholstery affects your company’s health and public image. 

Our commercial programs and services ensure your company has its best foot forward. Your image nurtures a positive perception that affects your business. We understand this connection and provide quality, reliable commercial carpet, tile & grout, and upholstery cleaning services to businesses throughout Nashville and it’s surrounding areas . Helping you create a positive company image is what ProDry cleaning services does best. 

Our cleaning programs are designed to optimize your indoor air quality which means a healthier, safer workplace environment for you, your employees and customers. It also means less absenteeism and improved productivity. A clean healthy work place even improves morale. Let us show you how we can make your facility a healthier, happier, more productive attractive place to work.