About Us

ProDry Cleaning Services is proud to provide the highest quality products and services available for our customers.We are locally owned and operated and have more than 20 years of business management experience and are highly positioned to serve our clients well into the future. 

Our motto is quite simple actually; treat every client and employee as if they are number one and the business will continue to be successful and grow.  Our employees are well trained, supervised and friendly.  We know that to attract and retain quality employees we must provide them with the right tools to do the job, train every employee thoroughly and pay above average wages and that is exactly what we do and why our employee retention rate is so high.

All of the work we put into efficiently managing the business and hiring and training our employees pays big dividends for our clients.  They receive high quality products and services, ensuring their carpets, upholstery and tile floors are thoroughly cleaned, they are always happy to see our friendly employees and they can count on us to do what we say when we say it.  Our clients know that we will take care of their needs and that special requests are never a problem.  

We look forward to serving the greater Nashville area for years to come and expanding our business through continuous improvement efforts and taking care of our employees and clients as they would expect us to.